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Take Back Control of Healthcare Costs

In every other area of your business, you implement strategies to control costs and to create a structure that will be profitable and sustainable.  It’s time to approach your healthcare benefits planning in the same way.  We can help you apply supply chain management strategies to control your health care costs.

Health plans that CEO’s and employees will love.

What if you could directly boost your bottom line by reducing healthcare spending without passing off the cost to your employees?

What if your benefits package worked as a competitive edge to attract and retain top talent?

We can help you offer better healthcare at a more affordable cost. 

Get back in the driver’s seat managing your company’s healthcare spending.

FAS Approach

Results Oriented Benefits Consulting

We offer custom designed benefits plans that deliver results:

Aligned Incentives

Brokers and insurance companies have an incentive to keep you from lowering your healthcare costs.  We are advisors aligned with you – not brokers who get commissions. We are compensated based on results.

Fee Transparency

We only work with best-in-class fiduciary vendors that provide full transparency and bring you the best solutions the market has to offer.

Better Health Outcomes

Our plans deliver better health outcomes while lowering costs to both the employer and the employee.

That means you will only pay when our plans and strategies have successfully saved you money!

Just keep this in mind: when we take action, monitor results, and make adjustments – success is inevitable.

Our proven processes will show you how to:

Our proven processes will show you how to:

Use supply chain management strategies, rather than traditional methods to control cost and improve benefits.

Treat healthcare spend as a capital allocation with profit and loss responsibility and measurable return on investment.

Apply alternative funding to reduce exposure and control spend.

Manage cost drivers to reduce the frequency and severity of claims.

Who Are We?

With 30 plus years helping employers control their second largest expense, Brad Burditt is driven to help employers transform unacceptable renewal increases by putting them in control of the cost drivers of healthcare, rather than giving control to insurance carriers.  The result: Our clients spend one-half of the national average for healthcare.

Ready For Results Like These?

Pay For Two, Get One Free

Long-Term Care Facility

The total annual cost for 50 employees in 2019 was $590,000 with a past history of 10 to 30% increases.  FAS was able to reduce the costs $280,000 in year one and an additional $135,000 in Year two, creating enough savings in the first two years to almost pay for the third year.  All without increasing deductibles or out of pocket costs for the employees.

Total Cost Reduction – $415,000

Injecting Savings

Infusion Therapy Company – 70 Employees

After seeing a proposed rate increase of 65% with a large named carrier.  FAS was able to stabilize the renewal year one and reduce costs Year 2 and Year 3.  All without any reduction in benefits.  Year 4 has a projected savings in Rx Costs more than $200,000.

Total Cost Reduction – $571,000

Diecasting Healthcare

Zinc Diecasting Company – 90 employees

Claims happen and when they do you need to make sure you have protections in place for your employees and the employer.  With over $800,000 of inflated claims / provider charges avoided FAS was able insure rate stabilization and a 4% increase instead of the normal double-digit territory.

Result – No reduction in benefits

Our clients have something to say:

Our health care costs had us as a company at a breaking point.  It was something that we could not just look at once a year. We were going to lose employees if we passed on the large rate increases. This would not allow us to be able to give our residents the quality of care that families expected and deserved. We were on a death spiral. FAS stepped in and with a leap of faith and their professional guidance in 3 years time we were able to save enough to pay for one year of health care. Our rates have remained stable ever since.


Columbia, MO

Traditional benefits brokers always offer to bring you quotes and we used to be of the mind set that brought you the best results. FAS has shown us how to manage our health care supply chain.  As a result, benefits have not been taken away from our employees nor have any costs been passed on.


Lenexa, KS

Brad and his staff have always been available 24/7.  Hands on enrollment and employee education has been superb!


Overland Park, KS

We needed a competitive edge with our benefits package and with the rising cost of health care we were not certain if we could get there.  Being in a rural area our access to care for our employees was limited and we suspected our local providers were part of what was driving up our cost.  FAS showed us how to customize benefits to our needs while controlling cost.  I highly recommend FAS!


Monroe City, MO

It is quite simple – FAS showed us how to control our costs without reducing benefits


Phoenix, AZ

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